NASA Technology


Inventor Ray Ward learned about the NASA silver ion filtration media and, after gathering information on the technology from NASA, worked with Ionics, Inc. to adapt it for improving water quality in homes. Ionics helped him design his equipment to make the most efficient usage of silver impregnated carbon (activated carbon helps remove objectionable tastes and odors).

Sometime later, Ionics vice president Walter J. Polens learned that some countries in Europe were considering a ban on water softeners that breed bacteria. It occurred to Polens that the silver ion technology, on which he had worked with Ward, might be the answer to a water softener that would not breed bacteria.


This represents a selection of products and processes adapted from technology originally developed for NASA mainline programs.


Ionics (now Puronics) used the NASA technology as a departure point for company development of a silver carbon of such a light density that it would remain on the top of the water softening resin bed where, as research indicated, the greatest bacterial growth occurs. After extensive company testing, the Environmental Protection Agency evaluated the process and found silver carbon to be an effective bacterial growth inhibitor.


Puronics is now advancing the pioneering efforts of Ionics, Inc. We have been an innovator in water treatment technology for over 60 years. Our products are used by Fortune 500 companies as well as in hundreds of thousands of homes all around the world. Our water filtration systems, water conditioners, water softeners, and other products bring the best quality water to you.


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