Water Quality Benefits

Enjoy “squeaky clean” bath & shower water
Soft skin and soft water go together
Reduce detergent use by 80% with soft water
Alkaline Water in your home


Testing water sources is a critical step for anyone within or affected by the water industry — from government organizations looking to regulate waters to safeguard against environmental and health risks, to homeowners wanting to ensure their water is safe for consumption. As an industry, we must stay on top of the latest news, trends and regulations affecting water sources and educate consumers on properly testing and treating their water supplies accordingly.

Water, whether for a pubic municipality, water facility or business/home, must be tested regularly to keep the source safe and free of potential health/environmental risks. The type of test needed, and to what frequency, will depend on the unique components specific to the water source in question. The necessary water test can be impacted by factors such as local and federal regulations, location, climate/weather, infrastructure, agriculture and even the desired detection level.
No more “bad hair days” with soft water”
Softer towels and brighter laundry
Fewer cleaning supplies needed
No mineral deposits
No spots on your car!
Overall Health
Protect appliances & low energy costs
Save money $$$

The Quality Of Water Is Better With Puronics® Water Treatment

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